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Alex Cross, Run
Alex Cross #20
James Patterson

Hachette Audio
February 18, 2013 / ISBN: 978-1-60788-466-8
Mystery/Thriller / Audio CD (Unabridged)/ Run Time: Approximately 7 hours

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

Alex Cross looked for a drug dealer and found a distributor. In fact, he found two of them, Dr. Elijah Creem, a noted plastic surgeon, and his friend, the head of a modeling agency, Josh Bergman. All the teenage models start with him with their parents' blessing. After all, their daughters couldn't be safer than with a gay man, right? But this gay man put them in pornographic movies while they were high on drugs and champagne, high enough to have uninhibited sex in front of cameras and with positioning directions.

Alex Cross busted one of those underage parties. Creem's business would be ruined as would Bergman's. So the good doctor tried the thing that had always worked before; he offered Alex Cross a bribe. To Cross, it was just one more reason to throw the book at him.

The doctor's business wasn't all that fell apart. His disgusted wife moved out, taking their two daughters with her. Then, she filed for a divorce, taking the house and other assets. Creem was livid. Shortly after that, Cross was called to a murder scene where the body of a woman was found in the trunk of her car. She'd been stabbed to death with her long blonde hair cut off.

Soon, Cross was called to another murder scene. This time, the victim was a young male who'd been shot in the face and had his sex organs mutilated. His body had then been dumped in the river. A third murder, another like the first, with a female victim who'd been cut across the stomach and who'd had long, blonde hair. But the similarities ended there. Cross had a hunch there were three different killers at work, but there was a weird feeling there was a connection somewhere, but where?

Alex Cross, Run is a spine-tingling thriller as the murders mount up and Cross finds himself dealing with not one and not two, but three serial killers. The pressure mounts as Cross also has to deal with a mad stalker who is invading the sanctity of his home! This is distracting him from his job, solving homicides in Washington, D. C.

The plot is more convoluted than any James Patterson novel I've ever had the pleasure to read. The story tells us more about Alex Cross, the man. The killers are explored in more depth. The settings in Washington, D. C. and Georgia are vastly different. Read by Michael Boatman and Steven Boyer, both the killers and Cross come alive. Listen to Alex Cross, Run and hold on tight. You're in for a wild, can't-put-it-down ride!

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Reviewed 2013