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Alibis and Amethysts
Crystal Shop Mystery #1
Sharon Pape

August 20, 2013/ ISBN B00AVA4NFW [ebook version]
Mystery –Cozy


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Jaye Saylor is content with her life. She has her own shop called Crystal Clear where she sells gemstones and crystals to the tourists that flock to Sedona, AZ. Her BFF since college, Sierra, has her own bakery called Cravings. One evening after closing for the day, the two friends meet for dinner at Finnegan’s. Then they will go to Sierra’s home where Jaye will be guinea pig and taste test a new recipe for Linzer tarts. On the way there, they stop to pick up Sierra’s dog Frosty at Dee’s Play and Stay. They get to Sierra’s home and Frosty is let out in the back yard to do his business. That is when the non-stop barking begins. Jaye goes out to investigate and finds Frosty near the body of a woman. By this time Sierra has joined them and they decide to turn the body over. One look at the face has both ladies screaming. The dead body is none other than Peggy Kruger, owner of the only bakery in town for the past 20 years - that is until Sierra came to town. 911 is called and the police interview each woman separately. They are told not to leave town. Looks like Jaye and Sierra will be investigating this murder, since the police consider them prime suspects. They better be careful or they could get frosted.

Things to ponder: How did Peggy Kruger end up in Sierra’s yard? Who wanted Peggy dead? How did the wallet end up on the floor of Crystal Clear? How did Jaye’s white sock end up in the refrigerator? Just what-is-not-a-cat?

I love getting to read the first in a brand new series. I always feel like I am opening up a present that has limitless possibilities. Sharon Pape does not disappoint. She has written a fast- paced fun read. I found it almost impossible to put this book down. I love the quirky characters the author has written into the book. I am looking forward to reading many more books in this delicious series. So, if you like your mystery with a sparkly touch, then you should be reading Alibis and Amethysts.


Reviewed 2013