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An Affair to Dismember
The Matchmaker Series #1
Elise Sax

Ballantine Books
January 2013/ ISBN 0345532228

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Gladie Burger has never stayed at a job for more than three months. That is …until now. Her Grandma Zelda who owns and runs a matchmaking agency has convinced Gladie to become her partner since she isn’t getting any younger. Grandma Zelda is positive that Gladie has the “gift”. Gladie is now a matchmaker-in training.

Gladie goes out on a lunch run and in the process saves an owl, gets stuck on a telephone pole and loses her pants. She is now the pin-up girl for both the Police and Fire Departments! It doesn’t hurt that one of her admirers is the new Police Chief Spenser Bolton.

While Gladie can’t figure out how to make her ”gift” work – she seems determined to figure out who murdered Randy Terns. Could it be her “gift” is not matchmaking but solving crimes?

Things to ponder: How did Randy Terns die? Will Gladie find her true ”gift”? With all those hunky guys in town – will Gladie make her own match?

This was such a fun read. I really just wanted to see what escapades Gladie would continuously get herself into. Ok… some were not her fault. Elise Sax has written a book that invites you right in to read with open arms. I know some might consider this a romance – but with dead bodies showing up periodically – I think of this as a cozy romantic mystery. This is one book that will put you in a good mood, while trying to keep up with the antics of Gladie and her crew.

Reviewer's Note: I love the matchmaking advice given by Grandma Zelda at the beginning of each chapter.
Reviewed 2013