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Angora Alibi
A Seaside Knitters Mystery # 7
Sally Goldenbaum

An Obsidian Mystery
May 7, 2013 / ISBN 0451415345
Cozy Mystery


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

The members of the Seaside Knitters are all looking forward to the new arrival - none of them more than Izzy Perry. She can't wait to meet her baby Perry. She knows the baby will be fine -but something is not right in her world. Izzy sees a baby car seat with a blanket stuck in the sand. There are never any babies around when Izzy is on her daily run past Paley's Cove. She finally can't bear to leave it alone on the beach anymore so she plucks it from the sand and puts it in her trunk. The next day when trying to open the trunk she can't. Sam, her husband says it looks like someone took a sledge hammer to it. He will take it in to be repaired.

There is another new addition to Sea Harbor, Justin Dorsey a distant relative of Janie Levin. She has had just about enough of him. She has forgiven him and given him more chances to behave than you can count. He has annoyed her friends and neighbors and messed up at his place of employment. Dr Martin Seltzer wants him gone from the Virgilio clinic. His landlord kicked him out. Archie Brandley wants him away from the area after he and his dog were soaked with dirty water. Justin even managed to break a box of pottery that Janie had lovingly collected. Probably most of all, Franklin Danvers will have him arrested if he trespasses on his property again or upsets his pregnant wife.

Well, things have taken a horrible turn when Justin Dorsey goes diving with the group that will be photographed by Sam Perry for Travel and Leisure magazine. He doesn't survive the dive. He was a healthy 19 year old who had plenty of diving experience. The police determine Justin didn't die of natural causes - he was murdered.

The Seaside knitters need to band together to solve this murder. Izzy wants her baby born into a peaceful world. Will they be able to unravel the clues and find a killer? Or will they be hindered by slipped stiches and be too late!

Things to ponder: What was Martin Seltzer really doing outside McClucken's? Why was Justin going to see Birdie? What were Justin and Tamara Danvers discussing before her husband arrived?
I would gladly learn to knit just so that I could be invited to the Thursday night knitting meetings. Who wouldn't want to head to Nell and Ben's house for a Friday night filled with good friends and food? Sally Goldenbaum knits a picture of people who will go beyond the norm for family and friends. Her books are like going on a wonderful vacation with the people you enjoy most. It is extremely well plotted and I delighted in the journey to find out whodunit. There is a pattern for a baby blanket and a yummy recipe included. So, if you like mysteries that will keep you in stitches, then Angora Alibi is a book you should read.

Reviewed 2013