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Animal, Vegetable, Murder
An Urban Farm Mystery #1
Judy Dailey

Five Star
April 2013 / ISBN 978-1432826918
Mystery – Cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Sunny Day Burnett is trying to get on with her life. Her husband Ken was killed in an auto accident several months ago. Sunny has turned the property left to her by her grandmother into a working farm. She has chickens and veggies galore. The gated community is not thrilled with the changes she has made. What she didn’t need was a dead man near her wood pile.

The police think that Sunny might be involved with the murder. (This is the woman who is too tender hearted to kill one of her chickens). To the rescue comes her neighbor, Horace Pennington III, who just happens to be an attorney. He keeps the police from ruining the “farmland” and turning it into a swamp. Sunny withholds evidence – she can’t bear to show the police the photo of her husband Ken in drag.

Things to ponder: Are the poker club members being targeting for murder? Why was the dead man clutching a torn photo of Ken? Was Ken’s death really an accident? Does Sunny have a secret of her own?

This was a very good read. It was humorous and the author kept the plot moving. I loved the characters and can’t wait to see what Sunny will get up to in her next adventure –-- I mean mystery novel. So if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then Animal, Vegetable, Murder is one book you should read.

Reviewed 2013