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A Plain Scandal
An Appleseed Creek Mystery #2
Amanda Flower

B & H Publishing
February 2013 / ISBN-10: 1433676982 / ISBN-13: 978-1433676987

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Just as the Amish community of Appleseed Creek is starting to recover from the death of Bishop Glick in the buggy accident, Police Chief Greta Rose informs Chloe Humphrey that Curt Fanning and Brock Buckley are out of jail. They made a deal to testify against Curt’s uncle and got released. This is not good news for Chloe, since the men blame her and her roommate Becky Troyer for being arrested.

In addition, Chloe has a new landlord, Dr. Dylan Tanner, Chairman of the Biology Dept. at Harshberger College. Chloe is the Director of Computer Services at the college. Looks like he wants to flip the house and make some quick money and not have it for an investment.

While picking up Becky at Young’s Family Restaurant, Chloe stumbles over the body of Ezekiel Young. His beard is shorn and the cutting tool used has been stuck in his back. This has become personal for Chloe, since she found the body. Will she put herself in danger before exposing the killer?

Things to ponder: Who is behind the hair cutting of the Amish woman? Is the death of Ezekiel Young connected to the hair cutting of the Amish women? Why doesn’t Dylan want Timothy working on restoring his house? Will Chloe look cute as a snowman?

This is a very well-written book with lots of character development. It has lots of twists and the plot will keep you guessing. I have read and enjoyed Amanda Flower’s India Hayes series and have been just as impressed with the Appleseed Creek series. So if you like your mystery with an Amish touch, then A Plain Scandal is one you should read.

Reviewer's Note: The first book in the series is A Plain Death; Amanda Flower also writes the India Hayes mystery series

Reviewed 2013