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Arsenic and Old Cake
Piece of Cake #3
Jacklyn Brady

Berkley Prime Crime
November 2012/ ISBN 978-0425251720

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Business is slower than slow at Zydeco Cakes. So slow that office manager Edie Bryce wants to cut the staff hours. Rita Lucero half-owner of Zydeco Cakes, is not ready to change anything. She feels she will be letting Miss Frankie Renier (the other half-owner) down.

So when a friend, Old Dog Leg, asks for Rita’s help, she figures it will give more work to her staff if she is away for several days. Old Dog Leg, a 78 year old blind trumpet player, received a letter from his long lost brother, Monroe. He wants Rita to find out for sure if it is his brother. The brother has a birth mark on his shoulder. It sounds easy enough. However, she will be going undercover to a B&B called The Love Nest with hunky bartender and sometimes date, Gabriel Broussard.
Things start off fine, with the staff and residents throwing the “newlyweds” a champagne celebration. There is a lot of bickering going on between the staff and residents. Then Monroe shows up and no one is glad see him. Finally able to escape to their room. Rita and Gabriel hear a scream. Dontae, one of the residents, is found dead in the garden. Everyone thinks he was a heart attack waiting to happen. So it comes as a surprise when the police are calling his death suspicious and calling Homicide.

Things to ponder: Where was Monroe all these years? What is Lula Belle hiding? Why was Dontae in the garden so late at night? Where is Monroe now?

Jacklyn Brady has written another page-turning mystery. She has put Rita with a bunch of quirky characters who hold many secrets. This was a fast read and I am anxiously waiting for the next book in the series. So if you like your mystery with a taste of New Orleans, then Arsenic and Old Cake is the book for you to read.

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Reviewer's Note: There are several mouth-watering recipes included.
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