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Bled & Breakfast
An Immorality Bites Mystery #2
Michelle Rowen

Obsidian / Berkley
June 2013 /ISBN: 0451239962
Mystery / Paranormal / Cozy


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Sarah Dearly and Thierry de Bennicoeur have a new assignment that will take them straight from Las Vegas to Salem, Massachusetts. I should back up a bit and say Mr. and Mrs. de Bennicoeur have a new assignment from the Ring – which is the official vampire council. So there goes the honeymoon in Hawaii. Now it looks like Sarah and Thierry will have to combine work with a little time for a honeymoon. It seems three vampires have disappeared. Thierry, as a Ring consultant, needs to check it out and make sure that none of this becomes common knowledge to humans.

Their contact is Owen Harper, a local vampire who seems to know all three vampires intimately. In fact, one of the missing vampires, Monique, is the mistress of a Ring elder. Sarah has dubbed Owen the town slut! After getting all the information, Owen takes them to a pleasant bed and breakfast - the Booberry Inn, which caters to the vampire set. Miranda Collins, a witch, has words with Owen outside the B&B. A few minutes later Owen touches his head as if he has a headache. Then he runs down the driveway, falls to his knees and disintegrates into a black stain on the driveway. There will be a séance at midnight to try to contact Owen. The owner of the B&B, Heather McKinley, never got to tell Owen how she felt about him.

Things to ponder: Will Thierry remember what happened to him during the 50 year span when he vanished in Salem? Who killed Owen? Can Thierry, with help from Sarah, find out what happened to the three missing vampires? Will Marcus Reed ever stop pestering Sarah for information about Thierry’s past?

This series is such fun to read. Bled and Breakfast picks right up from Blood, Bath and Beyond, the first book in the series, and never misses a beat. This was a witty, humorous page turner. I can’t wait to bite into the next book in the series From Fear to Eternity, which will be out summer 2014. So if you like your mystery with no reflection, then Bled and Breakfast is a book you should be reading. This is the perfect book to take along on your next trip to the beach.

Reviewed 2013