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Board Stiff
An Elliott Lisbon Mystery #1
Kendel Lynn

Henery Press
April 2013 / ISBN: 193838332X

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Every once in a while you come across a new series by an unknown to you author. And the fireworks go off as soon as you start reading. You know you are in for the read of your life. That is what happened when I started reading Board Stiff.

Elliott Lisbon is the Director of the Ballantyne Foundation. She is also a Nancy Drew wannabe. She does not have her PI license … yet, but she handles discreet inquiries for the wealthy donors of the foundation. She is a problem fixer and camp counselor all rolled into one. This time Mr. Ballantyne wants her to find out who killed one of their board members. He and his wife are on holiday in India and have tasked Elli with solving this crime. In addition, the police have a prime suspect – Jane Hatting – the Ballantyne board chair - make sure she is not charged with the crime.

Elli loves a challenge – trying to prove Jane innocent will prove extremely taxing as she is not liked by any other board members or staff. Making matters worse, the new head of the police dept. is an old flame. Who was Ransom with at the foundation fundraiser and why was Ransom kissing Elli? The more Elli investigates, the guiltier Jane appears.

Things to ponder: Will Elliott have problems with her new neighbor? Can Elliott get Zibby Archibald dining at The Wharf after being banned for life? Where was Bebe at the time of her husband’s murder? Can you ever have too much hand sanitizer?

This was one of the best first in a series mystery that I have read. I loved the characters and how they interacted. I read this book very fast – too fast because the second in the series is still being written. I did stop near the end to catch my breath – the plot was extremely exciting. This was a humorous, page turning read. So, if you want a really good read with a quirky heroine, then Board Stiff is for you. If you need a fix after finishing Board Stiff, then try Other People’s Baggage – it includes Switch Back – the prequel to Board Stiff.

Reviewed 2013