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The Bones of Paris
Laurie R. King

September 10, 2013 / ISBN 978-0345531766
Mystery Suspense


Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Young, rich Philippa (Pip) Crosby has traveled to post WWI Paris to experience life. When she disappears, Pip’s mother and uncle hire their ex-FBI friend, Harris Stuyvesant, to find her. Harris knows Paris has a surface beauty and a seedy, sensual side frequented by artists and the rich, alike.

Once there, he meets Pip’s roommate, Nancy Berger, and learns that Pip was a model despite a large scar she received in a fire. Harris sees a photo of Pip and
recognizes a woman no longer ashamed of her scars, but proud and courageous, even beautiful. Perhaps Pip came to Paris to reinvent herself, but the question remains: Where is she now?

I love Laurie King’s novels, especially the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes stories. They bring foreign places to life in entertaining mysteries that have kept me reading well into the early morning hours. The Bones of Paris follows in that tradition, with vividly painted images of the city and the artistic movements that abounded in 1929 Paris. King mentions real life characters, such as Picasso, Hemmingway, Hammett, Joyce and Man Ray, a New Yorker like Harris. There are shadier characters, like the gruesome Didi Moreau and the sophisticated Comte Dominic Charmentier, who provide enough chills and suspicion to keep the reader wondering if Pip is indeed still alive.

Certainly Inspector Doucet has doubts, for she’s not the only young female who has gone missing.

There’s a love interest for Harris in Sarah, the sister of his best friend, Bennett Grey. Harris himself is the narrator, a hero with faults and a man with whom we can easily identify.

The Bones of Paris is a tantalizing read, combining a historical travelogue and a captivating mystery that held me in suspense until the very end,


Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2013