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Bowled Over
Vintage Kitchen Mystery #2
Victoria Hamilton

Berkley Prime Crime
March 2013/ISBN 978-0-425-25192-8
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Jaymie Leighton is a collector of vintage kitchenware and cookbooks. Apparently, she also collects dead bodies. At least that’s the way it looks after she finds a second murder victim in a short span of months. She doesn’t set out to find dead people, but bodies and the trouble that comes with them find her. 

The victim, Kathy Cooper, was a childhood friend of Jaymie’s but they had become estranged sixteen years before, during high school. Kathy never told Jaymie why she turned on her and implied Jaymie knew what she had done. Jaymie wanted to get to the heart of the matter, which resulted in a couple of very public confrontations. Therefore, naturally, when it is one of Jaymie’s collectible bowls found by Kathy’s body, she’s a suspect. It doesn’t help that she is the one who found Kathy’s body, either. 

Having had some success in solving a previous crime, Jaymie realizes she has to work on this case too, in order to save her own skin. Even if it means risking said skin to do so. 

I found this to be a fast read, well plotted and a believable murder mystery. I love the setting of a charming small town where everyone knows your name. The characters have lives and real problems not involving the murder, making the killing stand out that much more as an anomaly begging to be resolved. There is a certain depth to the story that will make readers long to know even more about Jaymie, her sister Becca, and their friends and family. I predict the Vintage Kitchen Mystery series will be around for many years (and books) to come.

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