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The Boy Who Stole the Leopard’s Spots
Tamar Myers

William Morrow
May 2012 / ISBN 9780061997730

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Born and raised in the Belgian Congo, Tamar Myers returns to her birthplace for a third suspense story set in the riverside town of Belle Vue.

The story presents a cast of intriguing characters including missionaries, colorful villagers, and the local police authorities.

Told in alternating time periods, 1927-35 and 1958, the crux of the story centers on what happens to a local tribal chief’s twins. They should have been killed after they were born, according to local custom, but the chief is able to save them.

A dark secret involving a Catholic missionary and the twins festers for decades before the death of one of the twins brings to light the sins of the past.

Not only does this tale capture the social changes and problems that emerge as colonial rule is coming to an end in the Belgian Congo, but it also accents the tensions between the native and white population.

A multi-faceted mystery, The Boy Who Stole the Leopard’s Spots is filled with local color and offers a mesmerizing story of intrigue, murder and strange occurrences that are guaranteed to keep even the most jaded suspense fan reading.

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