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Braced for Murder
Beanie and Cruiser Mystery Series Release #4
Introducing Calamity, Cruiser's Canine Partner in Crime
Sue Owens Wright

Five Star
June 5, 2013 / ISBN 978-1432826895
Cozy Mystery with animals


Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Half-Washoe Indian Elsie "Beanie" MacBean is a reporter for “The Tatler” newspaper at Lake Tahoe. She loves basset hounds, especially her own dog Cruiser, and agrees to foster a troubled hound, Calamity, from a shelter with a goal of getting her adopted into a good home. Beanie, however, realizes that the hound’s name forecasts trouble when Calamity soon makes a hovel of Beanie’s home. Then Beanie’s daughter Nona arrives, fearing that the lumps she's found may signify she has inherited the cancer that killed her grandmother. Beanie tries to soothe her daughter’s fears – and her own – by taking Nona to a Washoe Indian healing and encouraging Nona to see a doctor and have the lumps biopsied.

If these problems aren’t enough to keep Beanie busy, Sheriff Skip Cassidy asks for her help when a local shelter owner is murdered. Beanie soon realizes that more than one area resident has a motive. The killer is not opposed to committing one more murder – Beanie’s.

This is my first exposure to the Beanie and Cruiser series, but it won’t be my last. While most cozy mysteries I’ve read concentrate on providing clues and red herrings in helping the reader solve a murder, Braced for Murder is a refreshing change and thoroughly enjoyable read. This novel is more character driven, with individuals who suffer through various emotions that drew me into the story and made the read far more enjoyable. As a dog lover and owner, I laughed at Calamity’s antics and appreciated Cruiser’s somewhat blasé attitude toward his temporary co-resident. I felt Beanie’s deep concern for her daughter and was especially fascinated by Ms. Wright’s inclusion of the Washoe Indian healing ceremony. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Washoe heritage and traditions. Braced for Murder is a cozy with heart -- and one I highly recommend.

Reviewer's Note: Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2013