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Brush with Death
The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries # 5
Karen MacInerney

Midnight Ink
May 8, 2013 / ISBN 0738734594
Cozy Mystery


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Natalie Barnes is the owner/innkeeper of the bed and breakfast Gray Whale Inn on Cranberry Island, Me. It is wintertime and not really what you could consider the tourist season. Natalie is working on perfecting some new recipes. She is also trying to learn to knit. Natalie thinks the only reason she is a member of the local knitting group is for her delicious baking.

Right now she is making food for the party Fernand is giving for the new local artist Nina Torrone. Her niece Gwen is busy painting for the show local entrepreneur Herb Munger is having for her. Herb is having her paint large paintings in oils as these will be big sellers. However, Gwen is known for her small delicate watercolors. Fernand, Gwen's mentor, will watch out for her and not let Herb take advantage of her talent. He will make sure some of the watercolors are included in the show.

The morning after the party, Natalie insists on seeing Gwen's new style of painting - they go to Fernand's studio and after checking out the paintings they go next door to talk to him. The door swings opens when Gwen knocks and they go inside. Natalie goes upstairs and sees blood oozing out from under one of the doors. She finds Fernand with his wrists slashed and the knife in his hand.
Things to ponder: What is wrong with Claudette's daughter-in-law Dawn? Will Natalie straighten out the problem she has with her new mortgage company? Did Fernand LaChaise commit suicide -or could it have been murder?

Karen MacInerney has done it again. She has crafted a page turning mystery that will keep you guessing. Reading a Gray Whale Inn mystery is like going home and visiting with good friends. I always look forward to my time spent in Cranberry, Me. There are some great recipes included too. So if you have a good appetite, be prepared to devour this book.

Reviewed 2013