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Buried In a Bog
A County Cork Mystery #1
Sheila Connolly

February 5, 2013 / ISBN: 0425251896
Cozy Mystery /Irish / Contemporary

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Ar scath a Cheile a Mhaireann na daoine.
People live in one another's shadows.

When I heard about a new Irish “cozy” series in the works I got excited. What’s better than cozy mystery? A Foreign cozy mystery! As soon as I received “Buried in a Bog” by Shelia Connolly, I couldn’t wait to find a quiet spot. I wanted to settle down in Ireland without hesitation. Connolly’s “Buried in a Bog” took me to the nether regions of Ireland, a place as real as the Blarney Stone and as mystical as Fairies and Leprechauns.

The main character is Maura Donovan. Maura’s grandmother dies and leaves a package with everything needed to visit Ireland. There is no one holding her back so Maura jumps on a plane to the Emerald Island. Once there Maura finally meets her gran’s friend, discovers a Pub in need of help, and a small village in need of a stranger to liven things up. The same day Maura arrives a body is found in a Bog. Is it a present-day citizen or an ancient one? Maura offers up a possible identity to the victim and finds more than the Irish wind at her back….

The author uses the first in series to set up the series and introduce the main character. Readers will witness the first step in Maura’s transition from a Boston tough girl to a local proprietor. Readers will eventually understand Maura’s need to find her late father’s family. Maura does come off as abrasive sometimes but remember one of the goals in a series is to have a main character that evolves. I mean, seriously, would you prefer a shallow, cream-puff to a tough Bostonian? In Ireland of all places? In reading Maura’s story one can’t help but hope she finds the answers and the family she needs.

Buried in the Bog is a grand mystery with strong characters and plenty of Irish charm.

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