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Buyer, Beware
Style and Error Mystery Series #2
Diane Vallere

Polyester Press
March 2013 /  / ISBN: 978-1939197016


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

The author writes two series: Style & Error Mystery series and Mad for Mod series

Samantha Kidd and her gang are planning a heist. Now don’t get me wrong – our style maven is really not going off the criminal deep end. She is trying to win a contest. Heist, a new store in town, is having an opening night party. In conjunction with the opening, they are having this contest which involves stealing certain objects. Samantha and her crew manage to pull off this heist.

They go to the party opening the next night and Samantha ends up in an off-limits area trying to reach a handbag that is on the highest shelf. A step ladder affords her the reach but she spots a body wearing a large ring. Looks like Samantha will not be able to find out about the handbag since the buyer, Emily Hart, is permanently out of commission.

The owner of Heist, Tony Simms, offers Samantha the dead woman’s job. He wants her to investigate the murder as well as be a buyer. Will Samantha find the murderer before she buys it?

Things to ponder: Why kill the handbag buyer? Who stole Eddie’s fake statue? How did it end up being the murder weapon?

This was a fast page-turning read. I loved the characters except for the fact that they made me stay up very late to finish the book. So if you like your mystery with some shopping on the side- then Buyer, Beware is the book for you.

Reviewed 2013