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Cat Trick
Magical Cats Mystery #4
Sofie Kelly

Feb 2013/ 978-0-451-41469-4

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Kathleen Paulson found her niche in Mayville Heights as the town’s librarian. She’s made a set of close friends, has a man she’s growing closer to, and two of the most exceptional cats ever born. Indeed, the feline brothers Owen and Hercules enrich Kathleen’s life with a touch of magic. Owen, you see, can disappear, while Hercules walks through walls.

Mayville Heights is preparing for a food-tasting and art show in an effort to woo Legacy Tours of Chicago, and have them set up vacation packages to promote the town. A former townie, Mike Glazer has come back home for the event. He’s a partner at Legacy Tours and he brings an attitude of superiority that rankles just about everyone’s feathers.

In no time flat, Mike is dead--murdered in fact. Hercules is the one to discover the body, sitting in a chair in one of the tents being readied for the food and art’s event. Kathleen’s boyfriend, Detective Marcus Gordon is on the case, and he wants her to stay out of it. You see, Kathleen and her cats have been involved in previous murder investigations, and Marcus wants her to stay safe, not put her life at risk to try to bring down the killer.

I read many mystery series. A real lot of mystery series, about 150 to 200 books a year. Frequently, I’m asked what my favorite book, author or series is. My answer is “Whatever book, by which ever author, and which ever series I’m reading now.” As I write this review, I’m changing my answer. My new answer is that my favorite book is now whichever book I am reading in the Magical Cats series by the amazing Sofie Kelly.

I kid you not, with “Cat Trick” this series is growing better and better. The characters (especially the cats), the setting (especially the library), and the mystery and subplots are near purrfection for cozy-mystery lovers. The tale is realistic, paced just right, and the dialogue is quite natural. The friendships and budding romances are sure to please. The mix of realism and a touch of magic are smoothly interwoven. The cats’ shenanigans are the icing on the cake. “Cat Trick” is fun and sassy, smart and cozy; a magically delicious read.

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Reviewed 2013