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China Fire
Mark Terry

August 15, 2013/ ISBN 978-1492172284

Reviewed by Dennis Collins

Monaco Grace works for the CIA and her familiarity with Asia puts her in high demand when an undercover operative goes missing in Beijing. Agent Peter Lee was gathering information when he simply dropped out of sight. Monaco is sent to find him.

Monaco is a very effective agent who sometimes colors outside the lines but her success record keeps her out of the dog house. In Beijing, she stumbles across an acquaintance of the missing Peter Lee. Dr. Alan Richter lives in the same apartment building as Lee and is an American working on China doing intellectual research… or so his story goes.

Richter seems to have more street savvy than your average college professor causing Monaco to keep a close eye on him. When the pair visits Peter Lee’s apartment, they are greeted by a couple of Chinese thugs who Monaco dispatches on the spot. And now the chase begins.

Monaco and Richter team up out of necessity and when Monaco discovers that Richter is in possession of a flash drive belonging to Peter Lee, she correctly assumes that someone with sinister intentions will be wanting it. Their endeavor to seek refuge in the American Embassy is thwarted by another assassination attempt that costs the life of an Embassy official. No longer able to trust any government options, Monaco and Richter strike off on their own and aim for the source of their trouble; a secret Chinese organization symbolized by three bats.

Like all Mark Terry novels, this one starts at a full gallop and never lets up. The action is literally non-stop and barely gives the reader time for a breath. If you're looking for a well-crafted, high octane adventure, this one can’t be beat. I seldom read a story in one sitting but this one grabbed me from the beginning and held on until the end.

Reviewer & Columnist Dennis Collins is the author of Turn Left at September, The Unreal McCoy, The First Domino, and Nightmare
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