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Cloche and Dagger
A Hat Shop Mystery #1
Jenny McKinley

Berkley Prime Crime
August 2013 / ISBN-10: 0425258890
Mystery – cozy


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Scarlett has decided to take her cousin Vivian up on her offer to spend some time in London and learn the business that was left to both of them by their Grandmother Mim. Scarlett has become an internet sensation after breaking up with her married boyfriend and becoming the latest viral video.

Arriving in London finds Scarlett being picked up by Viv’s business manager Harrison Wentworth. Viv has gone off without telling anyone where she is going and when she would be back. Scarlett knows nothing about the millinery business that was originally run by her grandmother and now by Viv. She manages to find the one of a kind hat that Viv made for Lady Ellis and ends up promising her a photo shoot that would appear on the Mim’s Whims website.

Scarlett and Andre, her new photographer friend, go to Lady Ellis’ house for the photo session. The housekeeper informs them that Lady Ellis is dead and promptly faints. Scarlett finds the lady in her dressing room wearing only the hat that Viv made for her. Scarlett better be careful if she tries to solve the murder. Putting a bee in the bonnet of the murderer could just get her crowned.

Things to ponder: Where is Vivian? Does Harrison know more than he is letting on? Just what is the history between Lady Ellis and Viv? Why does Harrison really want Scarlett to leave?

This was such a fun read. Any mystery that takes place in London is going to grab my attention. I have been there several times and reading the book was just like being there again. This book was a real page turner and it kept me up late because I just had to find out whodunit. The story is very well plotted and the author made the eclectic characters feel real enough to want to get to know. The next book in the series will be Death of a Mad Hatter. If you can’t wait, then try one of Jenn’s other series: the Library Lover’s Mysteries or the Cupcake Bakery Mysteries. So, if you like your mystery brimming with London atmosphere, then you should be reading this book.

Reviewed 2013