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Cropped to Death
A Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery #1
Christina Freeburn

Henery Press
November 2012 / ASIN: B00A8RBYO6

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Faith Hunter was setting up the booth to represent the Scrap This shop, at the convention center. Her Grandmother Cheryl and Grandmother Hope were busy organizing the event - the community arts benefit show or ABS. While walking to the booth with Marilyn Kane, they spot Marilyn’s cheating husband Michael with his very pregnant girlfriend. Marilyn takes off in the other direction saying she’s going to kill him. A short time later the loudspeaker announces that a murder has taken place and all hell breaks loose.

Fasten your X-ACTO knives – that all happened in the very first chapter. Marilyn is of course charged with the murder of her husband. Faith feels guilty about being the one to tell the detective what Marilyn said when she saw Michael. Naturally, Faith agrees to run her own investigation to prove that Marilyn is innocent. After all she was part of JAG until she left the military. The only problem is that no matter where she goes, Detective Roget is not far behind. Will Faith be able to figure out who the killer is before it is too late or will she be cropped?

Things to ponder: Exactly what did Detective Roget want to discuss with Faith after church? Will we learn why Faith keeps everyone at arm’s length? Will Faith figure out whodunit or will she end up in the cell next to Marilyn’s for impeding the official police investigation?

This is the first book I have read by Christina Freeburn and it will not be my last. Christina writes a fun read with unforgettable characters. Once I picked up the book to read I found it very hard to put down. It is a fast read – a page turner. So if you like mysteries with a crafty edge, then this is the book for you.

Reviewed 2013