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Cross-Stich Before Dying
Embroidery Mystery #6
Amanda Lee

August 2013 / ISBN 978-0-451-24007-1


Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Marcy Singer, proprietor of Seven-Year-Stitch, an embroidery shop located in the small town of Tallulah Falls, is delighted her mother is coming for a visit. Her mother, Beverly, is a costume designer in California, recently hired to work on a Bollywood type movie. Bev wants Marcy and her stitching friends to help with the particular type of stitchery known as chikankari.

While Marcy’s friend Reggie is an expert at that type of Indian embroidery, Marcy worries that it will be difficult for herself and others to master. Unfortunately, the embroidery becomes the least of her worries. Soon after the movie production team comes to Tallulah Falls to film some scenes in a remote part of town that resembles an area of India, the star of the movie, the young diva, Babushka Tru, is murdered, and Beverly becomes a prime suspect.

Marcy, with a little help from friends and her police officer boyfriend, sets out to clear her mother’s name. Yet the theories about who the killer could be are knotted up and then unwound faster than a crewel kit gone wrong.

BTru (as the tabloids call her), is not the only murder victim in this story, but I don’t want to give too much of the plot away. There is a lot of action in “Cross-Stitch Before Dying,” but it is well paced and a real page-turner. I read the book in an afternoon and into the evening, because I really couldn’t wait to see how things evolved.

A great cozy mystery that stitch crafters, animal lovers, and those with an interest in Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies will enjoy, I recommend this book highly for all ages.

Amanda Lee also writes as Gayle Trent. You can find reviews of her previous books right here at

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