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The Cuckoo’s Calling
Robert Galbraith

Hachette Audio
May 16, 2013 / ISBN August 27, 2013
Mystery / PI --- Audio CD / Unabridged / Run Time: 15 hours, 54 minutes


Reviewed by Jo Rogers

Cormorant Strike is a struggling Private Investigator. He lost a leg just below the knee when he hit a land mine in Afghanistan. Now his business is down to one client. In addition, he’d just walked out on his girlfriend, ending their off-and-on engagement for the last time. Now, he’s moving into his office. Since he was living with Charlotte, his now ex, he is homeless.

This particular morning, Charlotte dropped by the office and they’d argued. It ended with Charlotte storming out just as the temporary secretary, he’d hired, walked in. He’d reached around Charlotte, grabbed the temp and yanked her inside. Unfortunately, the only part of her body he could get ahold of was her breast. He figured she’d leave immediately, but she didn’t. Instead, she ushered in his new client. She seemed not to notice the beating he’d taken from the client who didn’t like the answers Strike gave him.

John Bristow paid a retainer and asked Strike to find out who killed his sister, supermodel Lula Landry. Though the police called it suicide, Bristow can’t accept that she jumped from a balcony ten floors up. He is certain she was pushed, though there was no evidence to support his theory.

This story is a hard-boiled-private-eye-lover’s dream. It has all the elements. The protagonist is a wounded war veteran who was a boxing champ in the army, but is woefully out of shape. He has a prosthetic leg. There is the client, who wants the truth about his sister’s suicide. There are the dead bodies of those friends and acquaintances that start turning up when Strike starts probing. There are things that don’t make sense for a suicide that turn Strike every way but loose.

This story has only one flaw and most novels of this type have it. It has way too much profanity! The f-word was used more times in this book than any I’ve ever read or listened to. In spite of that, it’s worth reading. So, pick up a copy of The Cuckoo’s Callingand get ready for a surprise ending. Look out for all the books by this author.

Reviewer's Note: Contains violence, profanity, sex
Reviewed 2013