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A Custom-Fit Crime
Magical Dressmaking Mystery #4
Melissa Bourbon

July 2013/ 978-0-451-41719-0

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Harlow Jean Cassidy has a magical charm for dressmaking. She's currently in the throes of making a wedding gown for her mother, having an old friend visit, and is about to be featured in "D Magazine" as an up and coming designer.

There are two other designers coming to visit for the photo shoot. Big name designers, Midori and Michel Ralph Beaulieu, will be there to visit Harlow's small, country sewing space, Buttons and Bows. Beaulieu seems to be helping himself to other designers' creative ideas, and is not well thought of in the design community. While it is no big surprise that Beaulieu dies, the situation once again brings murder too close to home for Harlow, and she sets out to find the killer before she's arrested as a suspect herself.

I've enjoyed this series from the very beginning. The small town of Bliss, Texas is populated with unique characters and lots of magic. The book is fun, offers some good romance, a non-scary ghost, and a fast-paced mystery. The suspense about who killed Beaulieu and why kept me riveted, and I recommend this highly as a great summer beach read.

If you like Juliet Blackwell's Witchcraft Mysteries, and Annette Blair's Vintage Magic Mysteries, you'll be sure to love "A Custom-Fit Crime" and the previous books in the series as well.

Reviewed 2013