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Deadly Patterns
Magical Dressmaking Mystery #3
Melissa Bourbon

Oct 2012/ ISBN 978-0-451-23824-5

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Deadly Patterns is the third book in the Magical Dressmaking Mystery series. I read and reviewed the first two, here on and have been psyched for the next book release. I find the series mesmerizing, with the small town cozy feel enhanced by the otherworldly aspects and memorable characters.

Harlow Jane Cassidy is a descendant of Butch Cassidy, and all of the women in her bloodline are charmed with a magical gift. There’s the ghost who wants things her own way, a woman who communicates with goats and another who affects plants and flowers. They are Harlow’s direct maternal family and each supports her in their own way. Harlow’s charm is magical dressmaking.

This time readers visit Bliss, Texas at Christmas time. The town is preparing for its Winter Wonderland Festival and Harlow is right in the thick of it. When a volunteer Santa, Dan Lee Chrisson falls to his death, it doesn’t take long for Harlow to get right into the thick of the situation and the investigation.

Filled with familial bonds, small town craziness, romance, fun, humor, and mystery, Deadly Patterns sets the bar high for a cozy mystery with more than a touch of the paranormal. This book is a great read for young and older alike and would provide you with a fabulous read to while away a winter’s day.

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