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Dead, White, and Blue
Death on Demand Mystery # 23
Carolyn Hart

May 6, 2014 /ISBN: 042526078X
Mystery / Mystery Bookstore/ Armature Sleuth / Holiday: July 4th


Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Max and Annie Darling own a mystery bookstore on Broward’s Rock. Max is a private detective. Ann runs the bookstore with the occasional help of Max’s mother. They love the island and their neighbors. Life is good as everyone enjoys the annual July Fourth celebration, but at the Lady Luck dance it’s more than dancing, drinking and celebrating… Someone is partaking in a bit of revenge…

When the daughter of a friend asks Max to find her stepmother, Max turns her down. Last place he wants to be is in the middle of someone’s marriage. Shell Hurst married Max’s friend, Wesley – after she broke up his marriage. Now she’s accusing him of having an affair with his ex-wife. Shell is vain and manipulative. Is she faking the disappearance to get back at them both?

When Max tells Annie he turned the case down, Annie disagrees with him. She remembers what it was like when Max disappeared. She didn’t stop looking for him. No one is looking for Shell. Annie interviews nearly everyone who was at the dance. She even types up a Who/What/Where list for Max and the others helping with the case. Max does some investigating of his own. Soon another islander named Richard disappears. His dog is found alone and ill. Richard isn’t a nice man but loves and cares for his dog. Like Shell, he has vanished. Two people are missing, possibly dead… Annie is feeling confused and nervous…

Here we are at number 23 in the series and I’m not surprised. Who can resist a southern mystery with an island and a mystery bookstore as the back drop? Not me! I enjoyed reading Dead, White and Blue. It seemed like the mystery really picked up after the second missing person. The first part is mostly interviews, Annie and Max, and the bookstore. With this mystery I’m reminded again how good Hart is at placing false leads. She certainly kept me guessing. Max and Annie are likable main characters, and so are the reoccurring characters like Henny, the mystery writer, and Max’s mother - a woman who loves men and pushing Annie’s buttons.

Hart continues to generously mention current mystery authors and their titles. Hart’s mysteries are the best place to discover both new and old authors. And this time she threw in some romance titles.

I highly recommend Dead, White, and Blue.

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