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Double Whammy
A Davis Way Mystery #1
Gretchen Archer

Henery Press
May 14, 2013/ ISBN 1938383362
Cozy Mystery


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Davis Way - the person not the street - has been hired by Bellissimo Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi to be part of their security team. It makes sense since she used to be a member of the Pine Apple, AL police force. But in reality - she is going to be a fixer. She will work in various departments of the hotel and solve the problems given to her by Natalie Middleton. Did I forget to tell you Davis would be in disguise? From the wig to the clothes even the place she lives - Davis would blend in wherever she works.

Looks like Davis Way's winning streak will run out - too many bodies - so little time. Who will grab the brass ring to help the former law enforcer/computer geek out of her slump?

Things to ponder: Why hire Davis when the hotel has an almost exact double on staff? Who is George the taxi driver really working for - certainly not Davis! Why does, Eddie Crawford, have a room at the Bellissimo? Will Davis ever meet Bradley Cole?

Gretchen has written the first of what I hope will be many in the Davis Way series. She has given us a great new character to love and want to find out about. This was a surprise page turner for me. I love when a new to me series turns out to hit the jackpot! I read it in one day, I didn't want to put it down to do anything else. So what if the laundry was piled sky high! I think you should take a chance and roll the dice and read Double Whammy. Just in case you are like me and need another Davis Way fix - the next book in the series is called Double Dip.

Reviewed 2013