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Dyeing Wishes
Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #2
Molly MacRae

July 2013/ ISBN 978-0-451-23956-3

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Kath Rutledge loves owning and running the fiber and fabric shop she inherited from her grandmother. She’s made friends with other women who love needlework, and they have their own group, aptly named TGIF, standing for Thank Goodness It’s Fiber.

One morning the group takes a field trip to Debbie Keith’s farm, Cloud Hollow. The day is to be spent learning the art of dyeing. Debbie had locked her keys inside her studio, and while waiting for an extra set of keys to be delivered, the women head out to the field to see Debbie’s sheep.

The sheep, though, are otherwise occupied. The sheep have discovered two very dead bodies!
One of the dead is a man who allegedly left society and gone off to live in the woods a couple of years before. The other body is the daughter of Bonny Goforth, a seasonal member of TGIF.

Naturally, our protagonist Kath investigates. She’s urged on by her friends, and by the ghost of her grandmother, Geneva. Will she be able to stitch together the clues and solve the murders? On the other hand, will the killer unravel the evidence and cut Kath out of the investigation?

I am really enjoying this series. Molly MacRae writes with a wry wit, and she has further developed the characters at a good pace in this sequel to “Last Wool and Testament.” The Tennessee setting is described in depth, and the circumstances of the murders are plausible.

If you’ve read “Last Wool and Testament,” you’ll definitely want to pick up a copy of “Dyeing Wishes” ASAP. If this series is new to you, I’d suggest you splurge and buy both books! Double the pleasure and you’ll be up on all the history from the first book. That said, reading these two in order is only a suggestion. “Dyeing Wishes” is just fine as a stand-alone read.

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