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Eggs in a Casket
Cackleberry Club Mystery #5
Laura Childs

January 7, 2014/ ISBN 0425255581
Cozy Mystery / Amateur Sleuth / Recipes Included

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


The Local Historical Society is hosting the Sesquicentennial Celebration. They’re honoring their local cemetery’s one hundred and fifty years. Suzanne Deitz, proprietor of Cackleberry Club Café, and business partner Toni Garrett are delivering baskets of flowers to the Civil War Memorial. A dark and rainy night in the cemetery gets even creepier when they find a body in an open grave. They run into Kindred neighbor Missy Langston at the cemetery, and she becomes the main suspect. It’s up to Suzanne and Sherriff Doogie to figure out who put former prison warden Lester Drummond in Mr. Schneider’s grave.

You gotta love Sheriff Doogie; he’s really good at two things – sniffing out food and criminals. Doogie and Suzanne’s relationship has grown with the series. In this mystery, they work with Suzanne’s boyfriend, Sam, to solve the murder. As the storyline moves, the suspect list grows to include an angry land owner and an ex-wife no one knew about. It seems Lester Drummond’s past followed him to the grave.

As always, Childs gives readers a mystery with plenty of twists and turns. Childs also knows how to make her readers feel at home in Kindred. They follow the lives of the townsfolk as well as the unique ladies of Cackleberry Café. Expect Suzanne to finally point out the obvious to Toni about Junior, but will she listen? Sometimes reading a Cackleberry mystery is like going home.

The author includes recipes as well as current recipe-related websites. What a treat!

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