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Every Trick in the Book
Novel Idea Mystery #2
Lucy Arlington

Berkley Prime Crime
February 2013/ 978-0-425-25167-6
Mystery Cozy

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Not too long ago, Lila Wilkins was an intern at a literary agency. Now, the forty-something, second-career woman has been promoted to the position of literary agent, and she needs an intern of her own. Finding the right candidate seemed problematic until retiree Vicky Crump decides to come out of retirement. Vicky fits right in and has the entire Novel Idea Literary Agency running like a tight ship.

Vicky came just in time, as the agency is about to host its first Book and Author Festival at the Town Hall. There will be panel discussions and chances for new writers to pitch their story ideas to agents. During the first day, Lila is taken aback when she meets a woman who could be her body double. The woman, Melissa Plume, is a senior editor for Doubleday Books. They share a friendly chat, and the next day share cappuccino and a snack at the food area of the festival. However, when Lila finds Melissa dead, she has to wonder if the killer mistook Melissa for herself! After all, a menacing man had tried to attack her in the very same hallway where Melissa was murdered.

With a backdrop of Halloween, and a masquerade ball, the murder sets nerves on edge. When a second person is killed, Lila is sure the deaths are connected. Although Lila’s beau is a police officer, it may fall to her to follow the clues to the identity of the killer- before he strikes again.

“Every Trick in the Book” is an entertaining and comfortable mystery. The story is well written, and it is nice to get to know Lila and her cohorts better. If you are a reader who likes reading about books and authors, as well as delving into a clever mystery, you’ll enjoy this book, and also the first in the series, Buried in a Book

Reviewed 2013