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Final Catcall
Magical Cats Mystery #5
Sofie Kelly

Oct 2013/ ISBN 978-0-451-41470-0
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth/Magical


Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Mayville Heights librarian, Kathleen Paulson is out of sorts. Her sort-of boyfriend, Detective Marcus Gordon is so unhappy with her getting involved in murder investigations that he’s shutting her out. Their tentative relationship had been precarious from the start, but now it seems as if he won’t forgive her latest escapades.

After a fire at the Stratton Theater, a local acting troupe needs a place to perform their play, “Yesterday’s Children.” The gazebo on the library grounds seems to be the perfect place for the show to go on, and Kathleen is willing to do anything she can to help. The director, Hugh Davis, is difficult to please, however, and he doesn’t seem pleased with anything. Little did anyone suspect that things were about to get worse, but they did. Hugh’s been murdered at the lookout at the Marina…and Kathleen literally trips over his body!

Meanwhile, her ex-fiancé, Andrew, has come to town to try to woo her back, and Marcus’ little younger sister, Hannah, has arrived to perform in the play. Are these two going to be more trouble for Kathleen and Marcus, or will they find a way to mend fences because of the current adversity? Thank goodness, Kathleen has good friends, and an amazing pair of cats, Owen and Hercules, with magical powers and the ability to help her figure things out. Maggie steps up to find the murderer when suspicions point to Hannah and Marcus is off the case. Will she figure out who the killer is before they strike again? Hercules offers up some clues, in typical magical cat fashion.

I’ve been lucky enough to review all of the books in this fabulous series. Owen and Hercules have enthralled me from the start, and they have this reader wrapped firmly around their paws. When I visit Mayville Heights via the Magical Cats Mystery series, I find myself transported enough that I can envision the characters, hear their voices, and almost taste the yummy food served at Eric’s Place. There is so much to love about “Final Catcall,” and I promise you won’t want to put the book down…and you simply must read it if you want to know what a “funky chicken” is!

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Reviewed 2013