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Final Sentence
A Cookbook Nook Mystery #1
Daryl Wood Gerber

Berkley Prime Crime
July 2013 / ISBN-10: 0425258041
Mystery – Cozy


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Jenna Hart has moved back to her childhood home town of Crystal Cove, CA. It has been about two years since the death of her husband. She needs to come back to the world of the living. Her fairy godmother – I mean her Aunt Vera – has made her the manager of a cook book shop / café. She has also given her the small cozy seaside cottage next to her own to live in.

Jenna has managed to get one of the biggest chefs to come to the opening. Desiree Divine just happens to be an old college friend. This should bring in a lot of business to an area that thrives on the tourists that come to visit. Sabrina wonders how Jenna puts up with her older sister Desiree – especially after Desiree had an affair with Jenna’s late husband, David! Spending a futile afternoon trying to track down Desiree, Jenna goes home with her new kitten, Tigger. The next morning, she goes for a walk on the beach and “judges” all the sandcastles that remain on the beach from the day before. That is, until she comes upon a mermaid made out of sand. So lifelike – Jenna brushes off some sand and sees a human toe! Removing sand from the face in the hopes of finding the person alive, Jenna finds a very dead Desiree.

When the mother of the police chief of Crystal Cove knows about the supposed affair between Desiree and David, then you know you are believed to be the prime suspect. Desiree’s entourage should also be considered as suspects. Jenna better find the right recipe to catch a killer or she could end up being shelved.

Things to ponder: Who made the mermaid and why are there no footprints near it? Where did Tigger the kitten come from? After leaving Jenna at the Cookbook Nook, where did Desiree and J.P. go? Who is the mysterious hunk Desiree was talking about? What is Pepper Pritchett’s beef with Jenna?

This is a great new series by a very talented author. This was one book that I picked up and could not put down. I just had to know what would happen next. It was a fast paced read. It is filled with humor and I even burst out laughing while reading it at lunch. Coming soon is the next book in the series: Inherit the Word. If you can’t wait until that book is published I suggest you pick up the other series written by the author as Avery Aames. You will love the Cheese Shop Mysteries too. Both series include yummy recipes. So if you like your mystery with a dash of spice, then you should be reading Final Sentence.

Reviewed 2013