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Front Page Fatality
Nichelle Clarke Headlines In Heels Mystery #1
LynDee Walker

January 2013/ ISBN 978-1938383120

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Nichelle Clarke is a crime reporter for the Richmond Times. She doesn’t just wait for stories to come her way. She spends her time listening to the police scanner. She also seems to be ahead of the police in figuring out that the deaths of two drug dealers weeks apart are connected. She is also covering a fatal boat explosion on the James River. Five are dead including two cops and a pitcher for the Richmond Generals.

Just when things are slowing down a bit, Nicey gets a call from a narcotics cop. It seems the money and the drugs from both drug deaths are no longer in the evidence room. The cop warns her to be careful, as a crooked cop will stop at nothing to stay free. Nichelle will have to put all the puzzle pieces together to solve these crimes.

Things to ponder: Who gave the order for the cops to be out on the police boat? Where is the missing Commonwealth Attorney? Will this be the story that will get Nichelle noticed by the Washington Post?

This is one heart pounding story. It packs a lot of punch. There were more twists and turns than on a roller coaster. LynDee – I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. Please don’t take too much time until it is out. So if you like a mystery that will leave you smudged with newsprint, then Front Page Fatality is the book for you.

Reviewed 2013