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Gently At The Gallop
The Inspector George Gently Case Files – Book XVII
Alan Hunter

Robinson (Constable and Robinson)
18 April 2013/ ISBN 9781780339467
Mystery / 1971 / Norfolk, England

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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Charles Berney was a successful brewer and a womaniser. His death was far stranger than his rather unremarkable life, for he was found trampled to death on a lonely moor. The culprit must have been a horse, but whose horse and if he was indeed a reformed character with a beautiful new wife, who was angry enough with him to commit murder in such a bizarre manner?

The Gently novels are each memorable for something, and Mr. Hunter had some fun devising different styles to write about the detective’s adventures. One thing they all have in common, apart from their admirable and effective brevity, is his wonderful talent for describing a place. In the last book Gently With The Innocents he presented a locked room style of mystery on a dark and stormy night, where all the events were tied together in a claustrophobic whole while a shocking conclusion awaited. In this book he does something similar, only with a lonely moorland setting, a large old house with its eccentric inhabitants and the killer horse. From Gently’s arrival and sighting of a seeming spectral horse and rider onwards, events almost seem to step out of time into a secret world where the outside does not exist, enhancing the sense of doom and weirdness. The conclusion with its surprise ending (which I guessed and maybe you will too but this does not detract from the enjoyment) merely leaves the reader hoping that the next title won’t be too long in coming. A stunning series and in case you are worried, nothing at all like the BBC dramatisation…


Reviewed 2013