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Ghost Gone Wild
Bailey Ruth Ghost #4
Carolyn Hart

October 1, 2013 / ISBN 0425260755
Cozy Mystery / Paranormal / Ghost / Heaven


Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

No one entertains like Bailey Ruth. Not only is she a ‘ghost’ from heaven, she loves a good meal and always dresses to the nines.

With the sound of galloping hooves, Bailey Ruth is swept up. Words are streamed to her by the rider – “He’s always been such a fool… but there are those who love him… try to save him from himself…” The heavenly horse and rider drop Bailey on the Rescue Express caboose. Wiggins is nowhere to be found. The Express drops her at Adelaide, Oklahoma – her hometown. Bailey reaches the home of Nick - a rich young man who returns home to seek revenge. As Bailey observes Nick, someone tries to kill him. Bailey’s sure she’s in the right place. But the person she is supposed to protect isn’t a nice guy. The resentment and threats between Nick and his childhood friends lead to murder and Nick is the only suspect. Bailey works hard to exonerate him but Nick’s Aunt (another Ghost) doesn’t think Bailey is smart enough, so she joins in. The two make unseen visits to Chief Cobb to monitor the case and leave some clues behind. The Chief is a strong, intelligent man. I wonder how he’ll take when he discovers who has been helping him all along.

What an entertaining read. The galloping horse and Bailey Ruth’s odd delivery to the caboose grabbed my attention. I think I had a panic attack along with Bailey Ruth when she realized she was stuck on earth. Bailey steps up when she has to play detective, shop and find food with earthly means. Hart, as always, offers plenty of false leads and possible suspects. I’m so glad Bailey is back!

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Reviewed 2013