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Gluten for Punishment
A Baker's Treat Mystery #1
Nancy J. Parra

Berkley Prime Crime
May 7, 2013/ ISBN 0425252108
Cozy Mystery


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Opening up a gluten-free store front in Oiltop, KS may not have been the smartest move Toni Holmes has made. It is located right in the middle of wheat country. George Meister, a wheat farmer in the area, is afraid Toni's new business will cause him to lose business. He is very vocal at the opening of Baker's Treats.

After mixing and baking up the goodies for the next day's business, Toni goes outside and sees a person in the ornamental horse trough in front of her shop. She thinks he is sleeping off a rough night but the police determine it is a dead body. The corpse is later identified as George Meister - the farmer that in part ruined her grand opening. Toni will have to mix up a plan to find a killer or she could end up proofed.

Things to ponder: Who threw the flour bombs at the grand opening of Baker's Treats? Why kill George Meister? Will Sam and Toni ever be more than baked good friends?

Nancy J Parra has stirred up a winner of a mystery. I love the quirky characters that make up Oiltop, KS - especially Grandma Ruth. She is one feisty old lady. This was such a fun read. I found that I couldn't put it down. Nancy, please write really fast, I need to find out what happens to Toni. Some really delish recipes are included. So if you like your mystery served up with some healthy baking, then Gluten for Punishment is one book you should read.

Reviewed 2013