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Going Through The Notions
A Deadly Notions Mystery #1
Cate Price

Berkley Prime Crime
September 2013/ ISBN 978-0-425-25879-8
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

It took Daisy Buchanan until her late fifties to find her passion in life in the form of her store, aptly named "Sometimes a Great Notion." She sells sewing supplies and antiques and loves to attend auctions. In this story, she's spotted an antique dollhouse and a Singer Featherweight vintage sewing machine. Daisy wants to get there in plenty of time to be ready to bid.

However, Daisy and her husband Joe are sidelined from her mission when they come across police cars and auctioneer Angus Backstead being arrested for murder. Jimmy Kratz, a regular on the auction scene, died in the barn, and Angus's fingerprints are on the weapon, a heavy barn beam. Angus has been imbibing too much alcohol of late and he can't remember much of anything about the night before. The story goes that Jimmy allegedly stole thousands of dollars' worth of fountain pens and that Angus had killed him in a rage. Yet as the police were hauling Angus off, he shouted out that he is innocent and Daisy needs to help him. By the time Daisy and Joe return home, she's decided to do just that. She will prove Angus is innocent. Meanwhile, Joe will keep on with his renovations of their old house.

This is a promising start for a fun new series. Cate Price writes with a natural tone, describing the characters and the settings with just enough detail to make this reader feel as though I was already visiting old friends and places. The story is unique and funny, with enough small town antics and drama to make it a true cozy. The town of Millbury, Pennsylvania will welcome you, too.

Reviewed 2013