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Gun Machine
Warren Ellis

Hachette Audio (Unabridged)
January 1, 2013/ASIN: B00AOBIN7W
Mystery/Police Procedural /Audio CD / Run Time: 9 hours, 11 minutes

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

When John Tallow and his partner answer a call to a walkup in New York City, they find a naked man yelling and waving a shotgun. He’s on the third floor, near the landing. Tallow’s partner goes in first, pulling his weapon and taking aim at the naked man. When he identified himself as police, the naked man fired the shotgun and took half the partner’s head off. Spattered with his partner’s blood and brain matter, John Tallow, who already had his gun drawn, shot the naked man, putting four bullets in his chest and one in the center of his forehead. The shotgun wielder wouldn’t kill anyone else.

When the investigators checked to see if everyone was uninjured, they got no answer from apartment 3A. They tried to break the door down, but it wouldn’t budge. Tallow told them to bring in the ram. That didn’t budge the door, either, so Tallow told them to take out the wall. When they finally got inside, the walls were filled with guns. They seemed to be arranged in patterns, like the parts of a machine. When investigators checked them out, they found that each gun was used in an unsolved murder, beginning twenty years ago. Each one was tied to the victim in a unique way.

“Gun Machine” is a real thriller. I feel the profanity doesn’t aid the story and the violence doesn’t need to be so graphic. If you put that aside, this is one wild and hairy story! The plot takes unbelievable twists and turns as we find out more about the hunter and what people will do for money. Read by Reg E. Cathey, the characters come alive and make the plot live. Listen to “Gun Machine” and get involved in solving the weirdest case I’ve ever read about!

Reviewer's Note:  Contains violence, profanity
Reviewed 2013