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Hang Fire
A Steve Martinez Mystery #4
Henry Kisor

Five Star
April 2013 // ISBN: 978-1432826857
Mystery / Police Procedural


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Steve Martinez, Sheriff of Porcupine County is summoned to the Midwest Chapter of the Society of Mountain Men staging area. A female dressed in period costume has been found dead. It appears she has been shot with an antique musket. The shooting range is nearby and it is determined they will not be able to match the ball to any of the muskets. It will go into the books as an accidental shooting.

Sheriff Martinez can’t let this go and even continues to investigate. A body, also shot with a musket, is found in a burned out building.. This death looks like suicide. A third musket death happens in a nearby county. Steve is getting suspicious - too many deaths by antique musket. Will he put the pieces together to stop a serial murderer?

Things to ponder: What other business was Gloria involved in? Who is the angel of death? Will Sheriff Martinez be able to stop the killing?

This is the first book I have read by Henry Kisor. It will not be my last. While police procedurals are not my go to mystery genre, Mr Kisor has written an engaging book. Even the fact that there was a serial killer running amok did not deter me from reading and enjoying this well written book. So, if you like mysteries that are a little different than your usual cozy, then Hang Fire is one you might want to check out.

Reviewed 2013