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Heroes Proved
Oliver North

Threshold Editions
November 20,2012 / ISBN 9781476706313
Mystery/Political Thriller

Reviewed by Elise Cooper

Oliver North’s latest book, Heroes Proved, is a political thriller that is a futuristic view of the world. It is a doomsday scenario of what the world may be like twenty years into the future.

The Colonel uses his vast personal experiences to write a realistic depiction of the threats America is facing. Many of the book’s themes reflect the recent attacks on the American embassy in Benghazi. North stated, “I started the new book a year and a half ago. I had no idea that when the book came out we would have had a terrorist attack that killed Americans and an administration lying about it. As they say, timing is everything.”

In 2032 the US President claims America is now safe from terror and Iranian nuclear weapons no longer are a threat. Progressives, the leftists now running the government, have cut the US Armed Forces to a bare minimum. North then fast-forwards to Houston, Texas, where a terrorist attack of suicide bombers takes place along with the capture of Dr. Martin Cohen, a scientist working on making hydrogen fuel. The scapegoat is James Newman, a highly decorated Special Forces soldier.

Heroes Proved has the reader visualizing what will happen in twenty years given the parameters of today. It shows how the Left was allowed to implement their policies: There are devices like the PERT, PID, and MESH, that give a detailed account of what a person is doing and their location. This can be compared to the talks happening today at the UN International Telecommunications Union where there is a legitimate fear of the UN gaining centralized control of the Internet. The book also has the world determining when to fight, which can be compared to the UN’s plan for having international Drone Surveillance. This past June there was the UN Small Arms Treaty, which becomes law in North’s book when all American citizens are forbidden from carrying or using firearms overseas. North also delves into foreign affairs by having the US abandon Israel which is taken over by the Caliphate of Islamists, and Mexico becoming a failed state that is controlled by a Federation of drug cartels.

He noted, “if you look forward twenty years all of that described as well as a global currency and UN treaties are in the process of happening now. What the book does is present a world that is formed from the conditions set today. I am hoping that our history, those 200 plus years ought to mean something.”

He also explained why he wrote the book, “I wanted a straight forward presentation of extraordinary courage, where the characters display action beyond the call of duty. I am hoping readers will understand that it means something for a soldier to put their lives on the line for their country. Brave young Americans are willing to do what is necessary to protect the liberties we all hold so dear. The heroism is what I wanted to demonstrate.”

Heroes Proved is a very riveting, intense book by someone who has a vast amount of knowledge in the area of national security. It has a lot of action, authentic detail, and a realistic plot. Anyone who wants to have a crystal ball to look into the future should read this book.

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