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Hiding Gladys
Cleo Cooper Mystery #1
Lee Mims

Midnight Ink
January 2013 / ISBN 13:978-0738734231

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Cleo Cooper is a private consulting geologist. She may have found the mother lode – of granite – on property owned by Gladys Walton. Drilling is going to start in a couple of weeks, and Cleo has not been able to speak to Gladys for quite some time. The last visit she paid to Gladys’ farm – she was told in no uncertain terms to leave and not come back by Robert Earle, Gladys’ live-in adult son. This had been a busy day for Cleo, finding an Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake in her jeep and having her dog Tulip shot by a poacher.

The next day finds Cleo back on Gladys’ acreage continuing to mark out her grid for the Statewide Engineering & Testing company. Lunchtime comes and she heads towards her jeep and sees an old well on the property. This makes it a good site to do testing. After marking it, Cleo looks into the well. She see an object below but has no idea what it is. The next thing you know Cleo has tumbled into the well and she is not alone.

Things to ponder: Who shot Tulip? Was it a warning to Cleo to stay away? Whose body did Cleo find in the well? Will Cleo solve the case before all of her hopes and dreams are flattened? Where is Gladys?

Lee Mims has written a fun first mystery in the Cleo Cooper series. I never expected that a mystery about a female geologist could be so action-packed. This was a fast read with quirky characters that held my attention. It was exhilarating to be out in the open with Cleo. I felt like I was with her making her grid and fighting bad guys. Having a dog named Tulip didn’t hurt either. The plot will keep you guessing. So, if you want to try a mystery that is off the beaten path, then Hiding Gladys is the book for you. Lee – I hope the next book will be out very soon.

Reviewed 2013