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The Hit
David Baldacci

Hachette Audio
release April 23, 2013/ ISBN
Mystery/Thriller / Audio CD (Unabridged) Run Time: 11 hours, 46 minutes


Reviewed by Jo Rogers

The Hit is another spy story featuring assassin Will Robie. As the story begins, a man who is working with a sniper in the Middle East sits at his desk in his Washington office waiting for the target to get in place. The target is a radical who is trying to take over the government of an American ally. Jessica Reel is the shooter. At her handler’s order she goes radio silent one minute before she takes the shot. When the shot comes, the radical doesn’t fall, but Jessica’s handler dies.

Then the number two man at the agency dies, again at the hands of Jessica Reel. Why is she killing Agency employees? That’s what Will Robie is supposed to find out, if he can stay alive long enough. He and Jessica had trained together and they had worked together on a few missions. Will Robie is the best in the business, but Jessica is almost as good. Though Robie is supposed to take her alive, he knows that death will come to the first one of them to misread the situation. But he wants to know why she’s turned on her employers after years of flawless service.

This is David Baldacci at the top of his game. Will Robie is a terrific assassin. He always gets his target. But, like all human beings, he makes mistakes. Jessica Reel is just as human, but, like Robie, her mistakes are few and far in between. The plot on this story is always twisting and turning, changing as often as the setting. The reading of Ron McLarty is superb, his voice changing with each of his male characters. Orlagh Cassidy has the female parts and her voice changes to distinguish between each one. She is also superb. Listen to The Hit and move once again into the shadowy world of the well-paid government assassin.

Reviewer's Note: Contains violence, profanity
Reviewed 2013