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Hunt for Scorpion
Seal Team Six / Thomas Crocker #2
Don Mann w/Ralph Paluzzo2
Read by Ralph Pezzullo

Hachette Audio
February 26, 2013 / ISBN: 1619692651
Mystery/Thriller - (Unabridged) Audio CD /Run Time: 8 hours, 30 minutes

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

Seal Team 6 is back in action rescuing a ship from pirates. As the story begins, a cargo ship is being boarded by pirates. The captain was enjoying the voyage with his wife when they were boarded and the pirates demanded money. The captain opened the safe and gave them all they had while his crew was being butchered and his wife was hiding in their quarters. The leader stopped them from raping the wife, but most of the crew was dead or dying.

Meanwhile, Seal Team 6 was outside a compound in the desert, waiting on a drone to spot the mullah they were supposed to assassinate. The drone went off course and was late. Then, the leader of Team 6, Tom Crocker, was told to abort his current mission and prepare to rescue the cargo ship from pirates. They were flown by helicopter to a point where the team of six could be safely dropped with their zodiacs and equipment, into the ocean.

They boarded the ship and rescued the captain and his wife. They found a crewman still alive as well and arranged for their rescue and transport to a medical facility. By this time, the pirates had transferred the cargo to their boat and were headed for the coast of Somalia. Crocker and his men got into their Zodiacs and gave chase. The little boat the pirates had was pretty sophisticated and it even boasted a torpedo or two. The team managed to hit the water before the torpedo took out Crocker’s Zodiac. Already dressed in diving gear, the team managed to sink the boat and its cargo. They went down to see what was in those six containers. They found they were all marked with the international symbol that warned of radioactive content.

“Seal Team 6: Hunt for Scorpion” is a fast-moving story as Crocker and his men go from one mission to another to keep Scorpion, a series of nuclear bomb components, out of the hands of terrorists. There is no break in the action, no warning in how the plot will twist next.

The characters are all human, even the inhumane terrorists. The settings are exotic, even in Tripoli, Libya’s war-ravaged capitol. Read by Peter Ganim, this reading expresses all the emotion that makes the story live and breathe. Pick up “Seal Team 6: Hunt for Scorpion” and go on some wild missions with the cursing sailors of Seal Team 6.


Reviewer's Note: Contains Violence, sex, profanity
Reviewed 2013