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Jewelry From A Grave
A PJ Smythe Novel #2
Caroline Taylor

Five Star
March 2013 / ISBN: 978-1432826871


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Former skip tracer PJ Smythe now works for her uncle as an investigator at Catham Confidential Investigators. Her roommate, Yolanda Branson, works there too as legal counsel. They have returned from the funeral of a friend, Kate O’Reilly. Yolanda is freaking out because her last few roommates have all died in car crashes. Just like Kate O’Reilly! Yolanda gives Kate’s mother a necklace worth a lot of money at the funeral.

A gorilla of a man gets into the apartment while PJ is there and he says he is looking for Gail Barton. Things are broken and PJ gets away. Outside the apartment - she sees Yolanda in her yellow suit with the gorilla man. A split second later…. she is gone. Now PJ can’t get in touch with Yolanda and the newspaper has an article on a dead body found.

PJ decides to use her work resources to check out this Gail Barton person. Let’s hope that what PJ finds out doesn’t put her into more danger.

Things to ponder: Who is Gail Barton? Why wasn’t PJ’s room tossed?

This book was a very fast read. It packed a punch. This is the first book I have read by Carolyn Taylor – I can tell you now it will not be my last. The only reason I took a break from reading this book was to catch my breath. So if you like your mystery blinged out – then this is one book you should read.

Reviewer's Note:  First in the series: What Are Friends For? 
Reviewed 2013