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The Joshua Stone
James Barney

William Morrow
October 8, 2013/ ISBN 978-0062021397


Reviewed by Linda Morelli

The Joshua Stone is science fiction expertly blended with history and foreign intrigue, with a light dose of theoretical science thrown in. In this epic thriller, James Barney’s mystery centers on a 1959 scientific attempt to replicate a biblical event. Did God actually make time stand for Joshua at Jericho? Is it scientifically feasible for a stone with anti-gravitational properties to distort time? That’s what the scientists in a hidden lab in West Virginia are trying to create. They are successful; unfortunately the time distortion they create results in the mysterious disappearance of several scientists and the closure of the lab.

Over half a century later, one of these scientists, Franz Holzberg, emerges from the West Virginia lab. He’s wounded and disoriented, and secretly hospitalized by the U.S. Government. Agents Mike Califano and Ana Thorne are ordered to investigate the abandoned lab and discover the truth behind the experiments. They learn that an actual time dilation exists near the lab, despite the passage of 50 years. Mike and Ann soon learn that the Joshua stone is not fiction, but reality, and confront murderous foreign agents in an attempt to prevent a global catastrophe.

James Barney has expertly created a suspenseful thriller using the concept that a time disturbance can be caused based on gravity. While some might find it implausible, I was totally fascinated, not only by the fast moving plot and excellent characterization, but by the reminder that yesterday’s science fiction is often today’s fact. It’s been a long time since I’ve read an outstanding book that had me so enrapt that I couldn’t put it down. The Joshua Stone reminded me of how truly enjoyable that experience can be.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2013