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A Killing Notion
Magical Dressmaking Mystery #5
Melissa Bourbon

April 2014/ ISBN

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Harlow Jane Cassidy- a descendant of Butch Cassidy- has made enough of a success of her dressmaking business, Buttons & Bows, to keep her afloat financially. She’s also made a bit of a name for herself with her crime solving skills.

It’s homecoming time in Bliss, Texas, and Harlow is making dresses and specially made fabric mums for the girls to wear. Everyone is excited, or seems to be, until Harlow’s young friend Gracie, is devastated when her boyfriend is suspected of murdering his father, by tampering with his car. Gracie’s dad, Will Flores, is Harlow’s boyfriend, so when Gracie begs her to help clear Shane’s name, Harlow knows she can’t refuse. After all, she loves Gracie, as well as Will.

Although Bliss is a small town, it is still a Texas town and does things in a big way. This includes the homecoming game and the dance, so Harlow knows she has to sew things up fast. Will using her magical charm, the ability to envision and create just the perfect dress to suit the person, help her find the real killer?

Melissa Bourbon brings Bliss to life in such a charming manner, that readers may find themselves drawn into the midst of the action, feeling as though they are along for the mysterious and magical ride. I’d love to meet Nana and her goats, and Harlow’s ghostly great-grandmother, Loretta Mae. I can picture the Cassidy women with their tufts of blond hair at their temples, their southern charm and wit, and would just love to have Harlow Jane design a dress just for me. Hey, a reader can dream, right? Five gold buttons and bows for A Killing Notion.

Reviewed 2014