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The King’s Corrodian
Gil Cunningham Murder Mystery – Book X
Pat McIntosh

Constable and Robinson Crime
19 September 2013/ ISBN 9781472101051
Mystery / 1490s / Glasgow, Scotland

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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Nobody liked pensioner Arnold Fleming who was spending his twilight years with the Dominicans in Perth, but surely the Devil himself did not carry him away one night? Yet this is what people are saying and he has certainly vanished with even a witness to describe the event. Gil is sent to investigate and finds a body, then another…

This is one of my favorites of the currently available historical mystery series. Few other authors manage to evoke such a sense of time and place complete with authentic speech and customs. You can always expect a good and tortuous plot to unravel with the odd dash of humor, something of the bizarre and usually a different setting. This time it is Perth, so we get to enjoy one of the main pleasures of a long running series which is being introduced to some new characters while finding out what the series ones have been getting up to. We find out more about them too, and get to see how they have grown and changed since the first book. I didn’t guess any of it, so it was fun reading about Alys’ experiments, trying to deduce the identity of the missing husband and of course whodunit and why. Anybody who was worried about the amount of dialect in some of the earlier books will be pleased to read that there is very little this time, but if you require help a website address is given. That is a lot for one book of modest length to contain so I do hope that this series runs and runs; it certainly deserves it.

Reviewed 2013