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Knot What It Seams
Southern Quilting Mystery #2
Elizabeth Craig

February 2013/ 978-0-451-23961-7

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Beatrice Coleman recently retired to the small town of Dappled Hills, North Carolina. Her daughter, Piper, lives and works there and they wanted to be closer during Beatrice’s retirement and golden years. Working as an art museum curator in Atlanta kept her busy, and it has taken her awhile to relax, but Beatrice is finally settling down to a slower pace.

Part of that slower pace is her membership in the Village Quilters, a group of women who share a passion for quilting and each other’s quirky company. While Beatrice is a novice quilter, she has an eye for design and an eagerness to learn that have already made her valuable to the others. There is fierce competition in the quilting world. When a member of the Cut-Ups, the other group in town is murdered, the question on everyone’s mind is just how fierce that competition is.

On the other hand, is their another motive to be unraveled? Since Beatrice was integral in solving another murder in town, it seems natural, even to the wife of the chief of police that Beatrice put on her sleuthing glasses. There goes her plan to relax and take it easy!

Although I am not a quilter, the passion they have for their art and the closeness of the quilting groups intrigues me. Author Craig does an admiral job bringing her characters to life, and to explaining enough about quilting to make it interesting. There is a short page of quilting tips after the story, and then as a bonus, there are a couple of pages of recipes.

Knot What it Seams provides the reader with a fast-paced mystery, enough plausible suspects to keep you guessing, and a wonderful hometown feel. The quirky and eccentric population of Dappled Hills will steal your heart.

Reviewed 2013