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Let It Sew
Southern Sewing Circle Mystery #7
Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Berkley Prime Crime
November 2012/ ISBN 978-0-425-25171-3
Mystery/Amateur Sleuth/Cozy / Holiday: Christmas

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Author Elizabeth Lynn Casey brings readers back to Sweet Briar, South Carolina for a holiday visit. Let is Sew remains true to the series roots as it follows the activities of the Sweet Briar Ladies Society sewing circle, but this time there is a twist.

Tori Sinclair, the town librarian, finds herself and other members of the circle enlisted to work on the Sweet Briar Christmas Decorating Committee. You see, the committee has been taken over by one Maime Wellington, a newcomer to town, who is plotting to change everything she can about Sweet Briar as she strives to become the queen bee. Maime is one bad apple. She has her sights set on becoming the new wife of widowed Councilman Avery Jordan and she doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process.

Thus, it is up to Tori and the other members of the sewing circle, to stop the town’s holiday plans from unraveling completely. Stitch by stitch they must find a way around Maime’s plans while simultaneously plotting to expose her true nature.
The main mystery of the story, however, is who killed the husband of the recently deceased Charlotte Devereaux, a former member of the sewing circle. Certainly, it couldn’t have been Charlotte herself? Or could it? Perhaps it was one of her sons, one greedy and underhanded, and the other mentally challenged. As Tori learns more and more about the Devereaux family, she finds that she cannot make the puzzle pieces fit.

The plot hinges on saving the town’s Christmas events and finding the real killer of a man long believed to have up and left his wife. Whether Tori will be able to make those two things happen, while keeping herself and her friends safe, will keep you reading long past your bedtime to find out what happens next.

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Reviewer's Note: Holiday: Christmas
Reviewed 2013