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The Money Kill
Katia Lief

March, 2013 / ISBN 9780062096975

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Brooklyn private investigator Karin Schaeffer and her spouse, Mac MacLeary, have already appeared in You Are Next and Vanishing Girls and now they're back for a third suspenseful adventure.

    The former New York City police detective and her husband have already survived some terrifying moments but nothing can match what is in store for them in this assignment. Offered $30,000 for one's day's work in London is a proposition the duo can’t pass up. And when they couple the job with a vacation in Sardinia, Karin and Mac realize this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

   The holiday turns into a nightmare when their children vanish.  The couple quickly realizes that becoming involved in investigating the infidelities of a very wealthy and powerful family was perhaps not as good an idea as it first seemed.  

   If you like riveting suspense and plenty of action, try this up-and-coming young author who knows how to create an entertaining thriller with interesting characters.

Reviewed 2013