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Murder in Chelsea
Gaslight Mystery #15
Victoria Thompson

May 7, 2013/ ISBN 0425260410
Historical Mystery / New York /
* Deaf Character: Detective Malloy’s son / Uses sign language / School for the Deaf mentioned

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

In mystery fifteen, Midwife Sarah Brandt comes face to face with the people who deserted Catherine, the child she is caring for. When Catherine came to Sarah she couldn’t speak. Emotionally, she’s come a long way while living with Sarah. Now a woman claiming to be Catherine’s nursemaid appears, ready to return the Catherine to her mother. The same nursemaid is found dead, which has Detective Malloy in search of Catherine’s father. Malloy and Sarah discover a family of self-absorbed snobs. It’s a long emotional ride for Sarah as she realizes she will have to give Catherine back.

Sarah’s parents get involved with the murder due to the father’s identity. Malloy needs Sarah’s father to approach Catherine’s father. Malloy is well versed in the workings of the New York social classes. Sarah’s mother sees Catherine as her first granddaughter. It takes a tragedy to enlighten Sarah’s father -- and he actually discovers his wife can think for herself (Halleluiah!).

For me, the mystery really takes off with the second murder. It throws everyone in to a spin – everyone but the murderer, who is an expert in hiding and plans each step well in advance. The mystery takes Sarah and Malloy on some wild goose chases. They eventually discover what’s really going on but it’s too late… Fans will certainly be holding their breath at the conclusion…

The Gaslight series is one that takes me away. I forget my surroundings the moment I open the book. Murder in Chelsea is a well thought out mystery; loads of red herrings. I was so sure I had it solved but realized at the end I was so wrong.The main characters have come a long way, and now it looks like they’re heading into a new direction. Without a doubt series fans will come away satisfied.

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Reviewed 2013